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Creative Logo Designs for Web and Print Marketing

Web and Print Marketing

Logo Design Services

Logo Design Services are offered by many Creative Marketing Agencies across the U.S. has been creating Creative Logo Designs for the business market for over two decades. If you want a professional and affordable logo design to promote your business; our Creative Marketing Agency's Logo Design Services is a great solution.

Creative Marketing Experts

Using our degrees in Visual Communications to lead our client's to the best Logo Design choice's for their business marketing is what we do best! Art theory, color theory and layout are all apart of the visual communication process. More than just colors and fonts, we ensure your logo design works well on various background colors, can be read easily and makes a lasting impression that will be recognized. Creative, Marketing & Web Tech Solutions

Vector & Raster based Logo Designs

Professional Logo Design starts with a vector based design file containing outlined artwork. Vector based design files are made of points that are calculated with x and y coords with the file. Meaning, when you select the Logo Design artwork and scale it; it will scale in proportion, maintaining it's sharpness.

Vector File Types: AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PDF (Portable Document Format), and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Raster File Types: The five most common raster formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.

Avoiding Logo Design Marketing Pitfalls

A common pitfall in business marketing is have a logo designed, but it gets created only using a raster based file. The difference between raster and vector based logo design files is raster is based on resolution, or points or dots per inch; where vector logo designs are outlined points that can be scaled with no resolution loss. Logo designs created in vector file format can always be exported to a raster based file format; but, not vice-versa.


Raster Logo Design

Raster Logo Design


Vector Logo Design

Vector Logo Design


Web Marketing Solution, Animated Logo Design

Stand out and make an unforgettable first impression with an animated logo design. Dynamic Logo Designs with animation or audio are limited to web marketing application placements. Audio Logo Designs are great for adding to marketing video or online ad, but we recommend not using it as a main logo for your website.

Secure Channels

Secure Channels

Animated Logo Design

Marketing Agency Logo Design Consultation

Whether you need graphics for your web design, social media page or ad campaigns; we can help! Our cutting edge graphics are produced using Adobe Creative Cloud Applications. Example previews are shown to you before production begins. Our Creative, Marketing & Web Tech Solutions company wants to earn your business!

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Logo Design Services

Creative, Marketing & Web Tech Solutions

Logo Designs, and our partners Batt Industries LLC and WebAZ Marketing Agency, offer Full Service Marketing Solutions to online businesses. See what we can do for your business; Request a Web Demo today!

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